About Me

My name is Renée Raymakers, born in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 1973. I'm married and the mother of 3 children living in Amersfoort-Hooglanderveen.

My professional experience started in 1996 when I took child development on the weekends and in the evening while working at CBO. Two years later I took psycho-sociale trainings over the course of two years at the European Institute in Amsterdam.

In 2001 I started working at Medisch consult, a certified health and safety service, where I counselled people with psychological and/or physical ailments that prevented them from working.

Slowly but surely, my passion and talent for coaching and counseling became clearer. On top of the challenge of helping people find their, I wanted to utilize myself more, so I started my education to become a coach/counselor. I completed this two-year study in 2006.

Eventually I ended my stay at Medisch consult and started my private practice. I've been a private practicing coach/counselor since 2006 supporting clients from my office in Amersfoort.

I've since participated in various workshops and trainings on topics such as Family Constellations, Rational emotive behavior therapy, meditatieon focus, analytical drawing, and child rearing in the modern era.

Recently, I've followed the Journey practioner certification. I am still involved in the training and am currently working on case studies.

I am a member of the Academy for Coaching & Counselling www.acc.nl.

BacktoYou complies with the ethiscal standards as detailed by the Dutch Stichting Counselling.