Counselling is for psychologically healthy people who "just don't know wat to do" at the moment, and could use some support to get back on their feet.

As a counselor, I don't lead you to solutions, but rather help in making better choices and taking action.

Negative emotions like anger, sadness, and shame can be intense and overwhelming. I help you to look at these emotions to help you become more aware of what's happening in your body and mind. As a counselor, I encourage you and help you to put your feelings into words. The goal of the sessions is get a clear insight into your life and to help change the problems or learn to accept the things that cannot be changed. Therefore, there isn't one approach. I use different techniques from different methods. I observe. I use trust and intuition to allow the process to flow freely.

I help both adults and children who feel they are stuck in life or are simply going through a rough period and need support and guidance. Among others, I deal with the following subjects: